How Much Does a 4 Post Car Lift Cost?


Before purchasing a car lift, consider the requirements for your ground. Some manufacturers require specific concrete thickness and density. Others do not require a concrete floor and can stand free on casters. You should consult the Mechanic Superstore’s free 4 post lifts website and read their specifications. You can also look at online reviews to determine the type of lift that would be suitable for your car.

Tuxedo FP9K

The Tuxedo FP9K is one of the top 4-post car lifts available in the market. Its price is slightly higher than that of BendPak's model, but comes with all the necessary accessories to work on cars. Another model that has a similar price is the Dannmar D49. Both are solid and reliable lifts that will get the job done.

The Tuxedo FP9K 4-post car lift comes with an impressive 9000 lb. weight capacity and a longer runway than the previous model. This lift has an 188.5-inch runway, making it suitable for larger cars such as SUVs and trucks. This lift can raise a car 85'' in 100 seconds.

Tuxedo FP12KK

The Tuxedo FP12KK car lift is a premium 4-post car lift with boxed posts and an industrial-grade steel structure. It has a lifting capacity of 12000 pounds and is designed for commercial use. It is portable and requires minimal set-up time.

This lift is available in different models and price ranges. It features top-notch safety features, including an automatic shut-off system and a lock ladder column design. It also features diamond-plated runways for extra gripping, and beefed-up posts and a powder-coat finish to increase durability and rust resistance. The lift comes with a single-point release that can be easily operated by a single user.

Atlas(c) 414

The Atlas(c) 414 4 post carlift has a high-strength cable system and an oversized hydraulic cylinder under the runway to lift cars safely and securely. It also includes a 220 volt single-phase power unit. This lift is unlike other competitor's chain lifts which use an exposed hydraulic cylinder system. These lifts are difficult to level and are often the cause of dings on doors.

The 414A lift has a 14,000 pound capacity and is built with commercial grade standards. It comes with exclusive features and accessories, including front turntables for adjusting wheelbases. The lift also has slip plates built into the runways, which makes it ideal for adjusting alignments.

Dannmar D49

The Dannmar D49 4 post car lift is ideal for commercial and home use, and is ALI certified for safety. Its four posts allow you to store two cars in the garage at once, which frees up valuable garage floor space. The price is quite affordable, and it comes with all the accessories you need to work on cars.

The Dannmar D4-9 lift is sturdy and built to last. Its boxed steel columns and 5/8" thick baseplates provide extra support and stability. The lift can support up to 9,000 pounds. It can be used to lift cars, classics, and even heavy pickup trucks. It comes with several standard accessories, such as aluminum ramps and a lift stand. The lift has multiple locks and a full perimeter steel sleeve for added safety. It also has a large working area, so you can work on your vehicle in a clear area.

BendPak HD7P

The BendPak HD7P 4 post carlift has all the hardware required to elevate and lower a car, and it comes with a self-contained electric/hydraulic power unit, fully regulated pressure relief system, and front wheel stops. The lift is made from durable 3/16 steel, and comes with optional casters that make movement easier. It is also backed by a 5 year limited warranty and on-site service.

The BendPak HD7P is a narrow high-rise 4 post car lift with a 7000-pound lifting capacity, which is more than enough to raise most cars. The lift's single hydraulic cylinder works with a 220V AC motor to raise and lower a car. It can raise a vehicle to an 82-inch maximum height in 35 seconds.

Danmar D49

The Dannmar D49 four post car lift is a strong and reliable vehicle lift. It offers a high rise with a rise time of 45 seconds and has a 3-year warranty. The warranty covers major parts and is a great value when you're working on cars. The lift has a sturdy design and can be set up in many garages. It also has removable aluminum ramps to solve clearance issues underneath the car.

This car lift comes in a variety of models and prices. The Dannmar D4-9X car lift has a 198" runway, which is longer than most drive-on four-post lifts. It can lift 9,000 lbs. and is capable of lifting most long wheelbase pickup trucks. Most crew cabs are between 160 and 175" in wheelbase length and weigh about 5,500 lbs.

Dannmar FP12KK

The Dannmar FP12KK 4 post car lifting system has many advantages. It uses a 110V motor that gives the lift ample power to lift your car. The lift can be used for parking and general car tuning. It also has redundant secondary safety systems, ensuring that the lift is safe to use. Besides, it has heavy-duty poly-coated casters and drip trays for collecting liquid from your vehicle.

This lift has a weight capacity of 9000 lbs. and is ALI certified. It can lift a vehicle up to the design maximum height of 70 inches in about a minute. This is a slightly lower height than the previous models, but still enough to comfortably work on a car.

How Much Does a 4 Post Car Lift Cost?
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